Help Your Neighbor/Give to the Poor and Hungry

I saw this quote on the internet:

Jesus said help your neighbors and give to the poor and hungry, not give money to the Romans and hope they’ll take care of it.

Do I believe that are there are certain things only the government can do? Yes. Do I think that the government is the answer to everything? Hardly.

Many people who go into public service, especially in blue states, do not always go into office for the public good of all their constituents. They have their own agenda.

Also, what government does, even for good, I don’t feel they are a proxy for me being good or doing good. This statement is essential. I see many people on the internet doing likes for things they do not have skin in the game (In 2020, 61% of Americans paid no federal income tax. I was part of the 39%). It is other people’s money. I doubt any city, county, state, federal would ever be a four-star rating on Charity Navigator. Again, I prefer to choose a proxy for my charity dollars.

It is important to me that charity starts at home. If I cannot take care of myself, family, near and dear, close friends, I have no business worrying about others. Next, the charity must be local, then SoCal, California, United States. Then just maybe the rest of the world. A concentric circle going outward.


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