Being Liberal

I consider myself left of center and a lunch bucket Democrat. I do not have problems with the dichotomy of being fiscally conservative and socially liberal. In my defense of the former I have seen too many programs where money was thrown at that did not work, yet simple solutions did. Many programs have too much administrative overhead for the sole purpose of generating reports that few read to prove that they are working. Lastly, I am not a fan of meta charities which one gives money to, so they can decide who is worthy of support. Yes, on the selfish side, I do enjoy the fruits of my labor.

On Facebook, I was shown an ad and was curious about why I got it. This was the answer:

One reason you're seeing this ad is that ****** ****** wants to reach people who are part of an audience called "US politics (very liberal)." This is based on a combination of factors, such as your activity on Facebook and other apps and websites, as well as where you connect to the internet.

There may be other reasons you're seeing this ad, including that ****** ****** wants to reach people ages 18 and older who live or were recently in California. This is information based on your Facebook profile and where you've connected to the internet.

If this is what the internet thinks of me, maybe I am not as jaded as I thought I was.


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