Setting Up Arch Linux in Virtural Box

Service All Wheel Drive System


What you do not want to see on your reletively new Chevy Traverse 2018


So far the car has been in the shop for 36 days (July 11th). The car only had around 7,400 miles and nine months of ownership. I do not drive it hard. average commute is 7 miles round trip. A few trips out of town.

This is the time line to my recolection.z

  • Week zero: AWD actuator. A week to order part from back east.

  • Week one: computer chip (?) faulting

  • Week two: Wiring harness (I am freaking out) order part and special tool to install.

  • Week three: Wrong special two wrong special tool sent new tool to be sent.

  • Week four: Rear transaxel sensor throwing errors.

I should get my car back by next week. If I decide to keep it, I will have a car that has all the new model bugs out of it. Still, I am not sure. I know it is not rational, I just can't help myself now.

SBYC Wet Wednesday June 19, 2019 on J70 Escape

SBYC Wet Wednesday, June 19 2019. We thought we had a good start but got caught in dirty air. Probably should have just embraced the suck on the way up. Still, a fun race.

Wind condition summary



16 mph

4:44 PM



0 mph

3:54 AM

Wind Gust


19 mph

4:44 PM

Wind Gust


0 mph

5:49 AM

Air Temp


65 °F

3:29 PM

Air Temp


60 °F

8:54 AM

One issue that I have been having with sailing is too much sun. I have had friends and doctors giving me grief that I do not use enough sunblog. This race I covered up. I need to find a better hat and sunblock that actually works for me.

Another gotcha that I learned about using the GoPro Hero Black 7, is that you do have to sync the time and date before using. I was able to use GoPro qwik and mp4joiner, but was not able to get Race Rederer to work. Also another gotcha is that the unit needs to be turned on before recording to get the GPS to sync up.

SBYC CHRF Memorial Day 5/27/2019 on J70 Escape

We went out in some very heavy winds. Not many boats went out that day. Might have to do with the wind. In the video, you may hear a lot of yelling "STARBOARD." The video does not show it but we had a very close call.

All in all a very fun day!

To give you an idea of what it was like:

Wind Highs



23 mph

2:24 PM

Wind Gust


30 mph

3:09 PM

This is onshore. What I am told is that wind speed is about 4 mph faster on the race course.

Boat Speed Summary in MPH from my GoPro:

Boat speed in MPH


1st Qu.



3rd Qu.








What got me was, this was without the spinacker up!

SBYC Wet Wednesday May 8, 2019 on J70 Escape

SBYC Wet Wednesday, May 8, 2019, on J70 Escape. Had a good start and first leg.

Speed summary in Knots:

 Min. 1st Qu.  Median    Mean 3rd Qu.    Max.
1.985   4.607   5.132   5.105   5.594   7.797

Youtube video processed with GoPro Quik and MP4Joiner:

Youtube video processed with RaceRenderer:

It takes a long time to render a video for youtube. I timed myself once. It is about five hours on a good day. It takes about twenty minutes to transfer close to 23 gigabytes of video. To make matters worse, GoPro records in chapters that are about 3.97 gigabytes long. The 78-minute video is five chapters.

It is not easy to create a long video. The tools for stitching the videos together with gauges and telemetry is lacking. If I create the video with GoPro’s Quik, I have to first turn on the gauges that I want, then create a clip. Lastly, I use a program called mp4joiner.

Another option would be the preferred Dashware. Problem with Dashware is just not supported. It does not extract the telemetry data properly.

I am currently trying out RaceRenderer. What is good about it is that it does join the videos, extract the telemetry properly and saves a CSV for later analysis. It has plenty of gauges. Problem is, I like the look of the gauges from GoPro’s quick better. Well, you can’t have it all.

If my team likes RaceRenderer better, I might just go forward. I have done the work for the template. It just might make it easy on me to get the job of processing the videos.

If you have an oppinion about the two methods, let me know in the comments.