Weekly Weight Check In: November 11, 2019

last year at this time, I was in the low 180's. Holiday tradition of gaining weight it. This year I am going to fight the pounds. Plus, I want to be 15% body fat when I do the Sprint triationlon August 2020. My current goal is to be 15% body fat August 3, 2020 or 171 pounds.

On Myfitnesspal, I am trying out checkins on the community board to help me with my weight loss. I might as well put it on my blog.

Weight will be reported using: exponentially smoothed moving average with 10% smoothing. (Hacker's Diet)

Today: 200.3 Last Monday: 201.1 Delta: 0.8

267 days to go or 0.76 pounds per week.

Weight loss over time 200.3200.3200.4200.4200.5200.5200.6200.6200.7200.7200.8200.8200.9200.9201201201.1201.111/411/11Weight loss over time201.112.3658738206025049.74601359440788411/4200.3630.6595648507277497.0466933150607411/11Weight


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