About Me

This blog is an attempt at a digital diary. I have a nasty habit of reviving it, letting get stale, then reviving it again. Another bad habit is changing the URL of this blog.

I think the problem I have is the fact that internet wise, I am a private person. I have problems with the concept of sharing everything to the world. I also have problems with giving corporations free royalty free use of my information forever.

What I would like this blog to be is a digital diary, a technical notebook of some of the things that I do and any other miscellaneous items that I come across that interest me. In other words: a digital home page.

A little info on me:

  • I am an academic. I have been denying the idea that I am a professional student. After many years of taking classes, I have decided to own it. I

  • I am a sailor and a J/70 owner. Give me an excuse to go sailing, I am there.

  • I am learning to dance. This is something that I wish I had done years ago. I am currently involved with Lindy Hop Swing Dance, Balboa, Ballroom, and Contra dance.

  • I currently have three academic degrees: Associate of Science in Computer Science (Santa Barbara City College), Bachelors of Science in Business (California State University Channel Islands), and a Masters of Business Administration (California State University Channel Islands). I am currently looking into getting a Ph.D. or an Ed.D.

  • I currently am an Information Systems Specialist at SBCC. Most of my work is in the area of supporting the portal, integration between systems and pushing data around.

  • I am a serial Moonlighter and freelancer in the technology field. (If you have a task for me, we can talk)

    • E-Commerce

    • System Administration

    • DBA

    • Programming

    • Shibboleth

    • Linux

    • If I can help it, I try not to fix computers. I am a software type, not a hardware type

  • I like to do DIY projects. The wealth of my family is based on sweat equity, hard work, and frugality. I like video gaming (HALO/Destiney fanboy).

Hobbies and other stuff

  • Sailing. I love to sail. I use only to like to race, now racing, or just being on the water is awesome.

  • Dance. Lindy Hop is my current favorite. Balboa is fun. Contra is a good aerobic exercise. Not quite into Ballroom. Don’t even ask me to freestyle.


You can mail me at msghens@gmail.com

My key gpg 4096 RSA key, ID 0x465993A7. I have several keys on the key server. This is the only one that I can decrypt. The others were because I did not understand about key expiration and/or lost the private keys. I hope to do better going forward.