Escape 2020/2021 PHRF SoCal Measurements

For my official PHRF of Southern California Rating Certificate go to: Performance Handicap Racing Fleet of Southern California

This is the ratings/measurements used for when Escape does PHRF racing

PHRF Rating

Course Type 1

Regional Rating

Area I Rating










Maximum Headsail Size 105.00% Non-Spinnaker Offset2 +60.00 secs

Performance Factor 5.15 ULDB Status Yes

Restrictions Boat Is Modified (Y/N) NO Modifications/Comments

Boat Configuration and Measurements 4 Hull Mat'l Fiberglass

Mast Mat'l MastHD

Keel Mat'l Lead/Iron

Keel Type Bulb

Hydraulics None

Winch Type Not Available

Life Lines Permanent/Fixed

Rig Type Sloop

Rig Style STD

Spinnaker(s) Flown Asymmetrical

Motor Type OB

Displacement 1,750.00 lbs

Ballast Type N/A

Ballast 630.00 lbs

LOA 22.75 ft

LWL 20.47 ft

Beam 7.38 ft

Draft 4.75 ft

I 26.77 ft

J 7.68 ft

P 26.16 ft

E 9.44 ft

LP 8.03 ft

ISP 30.15 ft

SPL 12.76 ft

TPS 19.68 ft

SL 0.00 ft

SF 0.00 ft

SMW 0.00 ft

ALU 35.43 ft

ALE 28.21 ft

ASF 18.00 ft

AMG 18.24 ft


Max Sail Area 230.96 sf Max Symmetrical Spinnaker Area 0.00 sf Max Asymmetrical Spinnaker Area 482.39 sf

General Notes

Regional boat ratings are based upon a boat's race performance history in 10-12 knots of wind, and assumed to be non-planing conditions.


RLC or Random Leg Course ratings are intended as the default rating unless otherwise specified in the race documents. See Class Rules 2.2 for further explanation of Types of Ratings.


The Non-Spinnaker Offset is not automatically applied to ratings. It shall be added to the ratings as dteermined by the Race Organizers.


Boat Configuration Rating Adjustments are intended to accommodate racing-cruisers and to encourage race participation by boats outfitted with cruising equipment. They are applied to ratings if the boat applied for adjustments their Area Board approved them. A temporary Certificate may also have Configuration Adjustments applied but will display as Temporary until the rating has been finalized at a rating review. Please see the website for additional information and the application for Configuration Adjustments.


Boat length measurements are in decimal feet, not feet and inches.