Cave Fire

Yesterday around 4:30pm, I got this text:

Fire dept enroute for Fire in the Highway 154 area on the Santa Barbara Side.

When I got out of work I took this picture from SBCC East Campus around 5pm November 25.

Cave Fire from SBCC

By 7pm ish I took this at 2837 De La Vina St Santa Barbara, CA

Cave Fire form De la Vina

I have a friend who lives in the area. I am glad she is more prepared than I am and high tailed it. Her house is not in danger, but Santa Barbara is really just one bad wind change away from being burned down.

The air was clean this morning, but I can smell the fire now. Time to find the N95 masks that I bought from the last fire.

Now for the editorial. We have a good airport. However, fire fighting aircraft is located in Santa Maria and Los Angeles. I am thankfult to Los Angeles for sharing their resources last night. Fires like this get out of hand because of lack of quick response. Santa Barbara USED to have fire fighting aircraft. There is a part of me that believes that we would have such aircraft if it were important to our representatives.

A note: I think growing up in in Santa Barbara, I am remeber, how fast response was. Even with resources close, fires could get out of hand. This fire went from a few acres to over 3,000 in hours. Our fire department was on top of it. A single helecopter around three hours later. Major air assets around 16 hours later. It was scarry last night because there was gale warnings (34 to 47 knots) and wind direction could have swepted the fire through town.

I am going to say this, I am appreciative of the effort to get the fire under control. It is first rate.


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