Service All Wheel Drive System


What you do not want to see on your reletively new Chevy Traverse 2018


So far the car has been in the shop for 36 days (July 11th). The car only had around 7,400 miles and nine months of ownership. I do not drive it hard. average commute is 7 miles round trip. A few trips out of town.

This is the time line to my recolection.z

  • Week zero: AWD actuator. A week to order part from back east.

  • Week one: computer chip (?) faulting

  • Week two: Wiring harness (I am freaking out) order part and special tool to install.

  • Week three: Wrong special two wrong special tool sent new tool to be sent.

  • Week four: Rear transaxel sensor throwing errors.

I should get my car back by next week. If I decide to keep it, I will have a car that has all the new model bugs out of it. Still, I am not sure. I know it is not rational, I just can't help myself now.


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