What SB Uber/Lift drivers say about American Cars

I don't take too many Uber/Lift trips. The short three to five-mile trips are expensive per mile. Car ownership gets to be around two to three dollars per mile. Uber/Lift. My last Uber was $4.40/mile. Plus I did not get assigned any of the little cars that seem to be circling my pickup point.

Well, that is not totally the point of the post. The extra cost to not have to part, or deal with downtown Santa Barbara is worth it. The point is I have yet to have someone drive me in an American car or since I started noticing.

One thing the last two Uber drivers state that caught my attention. American cars are not good. American trucks are excellent.

The car that I own is a checkbox car:

  • Did the vehicle have enough room for an overweight family member?

  • Could I fit an oversized wheelchair in the back?

  • Could I tow at least 2,500 pounds

  • Four-wheel or all-wheel drive was a must.

  • Was the car safe

  • Reasonable mileage.

  • Was the car mechanically rated well.

The crossover SUV I have has been in the shop for thirty-six days as of this post. It was purchased nine months ago and had less than 7,400 miles on it. I am wondering if I should keep it even with all the work and new part put into it. I am also thinking that I should listen to the Uber/Lift drivers.


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