75 hard (my version)

My year in exercise defines the phrase that one cannot out-exercise a body diet or habits. This week on a bloated day, I hit 198 pounds. I have been trying to reboot my diet for the last two years. I am not a big fan of fat acceptance.

I am going to challenge myself to a modified 75 hard.

First off what is 75 hard:

The 75 Hard challenge was created by called Andy Frisella and goes along the lines out of 'challenging' yourself because it will help you figure out who you really are and how mentally tough you are.

The challenge consists of the following tasks, which must be completed every day without exception:

  • Two 45-minute workouts (you define what the workouts are)

  • Drink 1 gallon of water

  • Read 10 pages of a personal development/business/self-help book

  • Stick to a diet (you define the diet)

  • No alcohol or cheat meals

  • Take a progress picture

There are also a few rules:

  • You must complete all 75 days in a row; if you miss a single day you fail. Failure means any deviation from your plan, in the strictest sense. No substitutions, no catch-up days, no excuses.

  • If you fail, you must start over on day 1

  • One of the daily workouts must be outside, no matter what the weather conditions are

  • Audiobooks do not count toward the reading goal

  • The day ends when you go to bed

Cool, the problem for me, is that most likely I will not be able to get my other tasks done. I have tasks that I falling behind in. I have no plans of doing another 45-minute exercise session if I bike 60 miles to Faria Beach, jog 8 miles, or bike to Gibraltar peak (extreme example). I am in reading burnout from work (more than 10 pages of manuals). Besides, for the most part, metal toughness is not what I need. I need to get back into a routine. I plan to modify the goals along the line of this entry from Hoyle's Fitness.

  • Dietary Discipline – Eating well. Only drinking on social occasions, not at home

  • Train Every Day – 75 days without a day off. Active recovery counts

  • Drink 3 liters of Water per Day – Nothing but clear, plain water counts

  • Read 10 Pages per Day – From a non-fiction self-help book or business book

  • Take a Progress Picture Every Day – So you can see the progress at the end

  • Complete a full 10,000 steps per day

My Version

  • Exercise: Complete 10,000 steps day. My normal excercise regiment is more than sufficient. My weekly exercise is more than sufficient. Just check my Strava page.

  • Drink 12 cups of water or more based on Garmin's hydration with auto increase turned on (today I am expected to drink 18 cups). Only clear water or drinks for the purpose of hydration count.

  • going to skip the reading

  • Diet: Record food on myfitnesspal and complete entry every day. No food prohibitions. A cheat is not honestly logging comleting the entry.

  • Take a progress picture.

  • Day ends when I go to bed.

It is going to be interesting to see if I can maintain the discipline.

Not exactly the original, but it is a good plan for me.


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