I believe in science

While bord, I read about scientists questioning Einstein's theory of relativity. I found it interesting. I am not smart enough to question such things. I have to accept some subjects to get by.

To scientist, science is not so fragile that they don't question it.

Questioning Einstein excited me because something that I have grown up as settled and accepted science was challanged. I cannot find the article today, but I found something that had a great quote:

"Einstein's right, at least for now," [1]

This leads into the list that scientist once believed from another article titled "Let's Follow the History of Science Instead." [2] [3] The list was a basis for the statement that science and scientist are fallable.

  1. That the earth is a flat disk, not a sphere, and that it resides at the center of the solar system and even the entire universe.

  2. Said earth was created like 6,000 years ago.

  3. Complex life forms spontaneously arise from inanimate matter.

  4. Species evolve by inheriting acquired characteristics.

  5. That sickness arises from an imbalance of the bodily humors or bad air (miasma!) and in either case is best restored by draining the afflicted person of blood and/or applying massive doses of mercury.

  6. Maternal thoughts cause birth defects.

  7. Human beings are not all equal but rather composed of races, some of which are superior to others. Just measure their skulls for proof!

  8. Phlogiston and caloric exist and explain combustion.

  9. If you cultivate an area, rainfall in that area will increase. “Rain follows the plow.”

  10. Another ice age was upon us in the 1970s.

I can't entirely agree with everything stated in the article; however, the main point is correct. Science is not always right. Scientists are not monolithic. What makes science less fragile is to have a theory beaten to an inch of it's life and still stand.

Now, for my statement of faith: I believe in currently accepted science, till proven otherwise. I am not willing to treat science as a religion.



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