Happy Mother's Day 2021

Today is the second Mother's Day without my mother. It pains me to say that she died at the right time. COVID and how our government treated the elderly was, let's leave it as not positive. It would have just crushed me if she had died with the policies in place at the height of the COVID restrictions.

Today, my Mother's Day highlight was to put flowers at the graves and have a talk. I have seven relatives at the Santa Barbara Cemetery.

There were times over the years that I was at my wit's end. How do I stay employed, have a life, and take care of a sick relative so they would not have to be at a nursing home? I did not succeed at times. I am still beating myself up.

I will say this, even at their sickest, there was a comfort that they were still there. I have found out that I am significantly more risk-averse without my mother and grandparents alive.

If anyone would ask me if I miss them, my answer is you betcha.


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