Rebuilding the blog

Well, I can't help myself. I have to try something new and am giving up on Wordpress. Instead, I am going to use a static web creator. There is nothing wrong with Wordpress. I just see so many more benefits of static web sites. Only issue is that I do need to move my content over. Plus editing is currently in a Virtual Box

Benefits are:

  • No Mysql backend
  • No PHP
  • HTML is much more Secure
  • One less application layer to worry about.
  • I may be able to host on S3
  • No more tweaks to make it fast.
  • I don't have to use a free or paid WP hosting plan.
  • As with any site that is self-hosted, you own all rights to the content. None of this "Right to use your content royalty free in perpetuity"

Of the Static generators, I have tried Pelican, and now Jekyel. Pelican appealed to my python programmer side of me. However, whatever is simple and one will do, is always the best.

Still need to do updates, however, my chores and MBA studies are getting the way. I have to leave the blog with things to do. Also, I have my business site to redo, and my college website to do. I probably will be using nanoc for my business site.