The Quest for a Healthy BMI

I let myself go to pot starting in my last semester of my MBA. All I cared about was to finish the class with an excellent grade. Afterwards, the letdown did not help. I put on at least 25 pounds.

Yes, I know that BMI is a flawed system. However, it is a good estimate for average people. I am not going to allow the flaw in the system to be my excuse.

This year, it is finally all or nothing. My goal weight is 174 pounds. I decided to choose a number that was between health and overweight, then round down.

Some of the reason:

I want to feel good about myself.

This extra luggage is hard on my joints. I do not want to be an arthritic person when I get old.

I like being athletic. I feel that I need to be around 200 pounds before I can safely let myself go out.

I do not want to get diabetes or cardiovascular disease. If you want a scare, check out Especially Table ES-4.


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