Why Blog?

To me, it is a good question. Originally, way back when it was because everyone should have a home page on the Internet. My problem back then, and now is that I actually enjoy the process of setting one up more so than creating content. Creating content puts you out into the world. Too many landmines to step on now a day. There is also the question of do I have something worth saying. I know of people who are smarter than me and much more eloquent. I have female friends who I would enjoy reading what they have to say and actually wish they would blog.

I got interested in the concept again when I was an MBA candidate. One of the benefits of being an MBA student is that one is forced to write and speak. Writing and speaking for a tech introvert [1] requires practice. I tried toastmasters for speaking. Writing is another thing.

This site got me interested in blogging again:

Use Jekyll for Your Academic Site

Life, as usual, got in the way, plus, I admit, I am a lazy writer, avid reader.

I ran across this site “what I learned this Week” while researching static generators, again. The process of building is so much more entertaining that maintaining was a reminder on how to create content, yet keep it simple. The author included these excellent links:

Hopefully, I will back to it. As much as I would like this site to be more slice of life, odds are, it will be sailing and information technology subject. Word of warning, I do not fix PCs or Apples.


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