SBCC Wet Wednesday Spring Series 2021 #6


Vessel Name/Type/Model

Escape/ J/70

Course/Sea Miles

Sailed dock to dock: 13.0 nm

Course: A10 St-Ap-Xs-Dp-Fin 5.63 nm



Start: Partly sunny, 66°F, Feels like 67°F, Humidity 66%, Wind 4mph from SW
End: Mostly cloudy, 61°F, Feels like 65°F, Humidity 75%, Wind 4mph from WSW - by

Sail Trace (Strava)


Santa Barbara CycleMaynia Miles May 11

Third ride of CycleMaynia. Really, besides that, it gave me an excuse to test out Telemetry Overlay with two imputs (GoPro, and Garmin Fenix 6).

So far so good. Telemetry Overlay is actually the software that should be with gopro, only problem, I would dislike it to go to the wayside like DashWare.

I am finally getting used to the idea of cycling weekdays for health. In the morning, cars tend to be a hazard. People are tired and not aware of non-cars out and about.

This is a GoPro video of my ride. Battery went dead before the ride was over. I think I am going to do one more to see what it would be like with cadence and power overlays the next time I rid.

Happy Mother's Day 2021

Today is the second Mother's Day without my mother. It pains me to say that she died at the right time. COVID and how our government treated the elderly was, let's leave it as not positive. It would have just crushed me if she had died with the policies in place at the height of the COVID restrictions.

Today, my Mother's Day highlight was to put flowers at the graves and have a talk. I have seven relatives at the Santa Barbara Cemetery.

There were times over the years that I was at my wit's end. How do I stay employed, have a life, and take care of a sick relative so they would not have to be at a nursing home? I did not succeed at times. I am still beating myself up.

I will say this, even at their sickest, there was a comfort that they were still there. I have found out that I am significantly more risk-averse without my mother and grandparents alive.

If anyone would ask me if I miss them, my answer is you betcha.

Prelim Thoughts on Sail Crew

2021 is going to be the fourth year going on five as a J70 boat owner, captain.

Many of the things that I thought were correct when I bought Escape proved to be wrong. I wanted a more democratic boat with crew ownership of their tasks. I found out that there can only be one captain on a sailboat and that I needed better standards on who may sail with me. A person who wants to sail is not good enough. Sailboat racing is an extreme sport with rules. People get hurt, boats get damage.

There are so many articles about how to sail a boat, not many on managing those who sail with you.

I am an MBA. Over the next few months, I plan on putting my thoughts down on crews and running a J70. I hope to implement them over time.