SBYC 2019 Hot Rum #1 on Escape

Video of the SBYC 2019 Hot Rum Regatta race #1. All I have to say is we had a lot of fun that day the wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. We did not fly the spinnaker because I was concerned that we would probably either broach or shrimp the spinnaker. What amazes me was that while we were going out to the starting line, we got up to 9 miles per hour with just the mainsail J/70 that is fast.

I finally figured out how to upload a GoPro video with telemetry, and as one file. The process is not perfect, but doable. The problem is that GoPro saves files as chapters or four-gigabyte files. The normal way is to create a playlist that puts the file together or put the file together with music. For me, that is not acceptable.

In GoPro Quik, open each file in View one at a time. Added the gauges, then create a clip. Save the clip. You have to that with each file. This will make an MP4.

Then use MP4Joiner to merge all the files together. Fun? (not). What I got were an hour and two-minute YouTube video.


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