Insuline Self Titration

It has been a while since I started this post. This is a little old. Just posting it to get it out of the queue.

Back in June I took a relative to the doctor for a checkup and learned how to help my relative better control type 2 diabetes using Levemir and insulin titration. Wow, what a mouthful. I am glad the doctor did not use the words insulin titration. Titration is just a fancy word for adjusting the dosage so that a person does not get too much insulin or too little.

Titration is from titrate:

continuously measure and adjust the balance of (a physiological function or drug dosage).

Other definitions that got me was the anacronym FBG or fasting blood glucose. Personally, I would have preferred: “Take blood sugar when you get up and before you eat.” <sigh>

These were a few good links that helped me out:

Mayo Clinic on Diabetes

Getting Patients to Goal: When Is It Time to Intensify With Insulin

Dosing Levemir

I currently have a Google spreadsheet that helps me follow the “Dosing Levemir” procedure. My sanity is much better by taking my parent’s sugar in the morning and giving Levemir in the evening.


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