Repetitive Questioning in Elderly

I am not good with deal with repetitive questions. I was born impatient. Patience is a learned quality. I am currently helping a person with mild short-term memory loss. What makes it hard, is the person personality is there. Cognitive reasoning is still good. However, short-term memory is… not quite there. There are times that there is the question of the day. That question will be asked over and over. Another question is what day it is (today is Sunday).

I am currently solving some of the problems with making signs. I have also purchased La Crosse Technology 513-1419BLv3-INT Backlight Atomic Full Calendar Clock with Extra Large Digits for the Elderly. I am also trying Ginkgo Balboa. These helped.

The title of this post is the string that I searched on and happens to be the title of the post that I read. I am not truly ready for the possibility of the "D" word dementia), the possibility of the "A" word Alzheimer's) or the “M” word (Mild cognitive impairment). I found one site that seems to be a good resource: “My Aging Parent.” What I like about the site is that it seems to be very compassionate. It confirmed what I read that some questions are not really lack of memory, but socialization and confirming what they believe.

The article that I read can be found here: It is a good starting point for reading up on the topic.


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