Make your own medical journal

I have been a caretaker all my life. I learn how to give a shot when I was 17 years old. What I've learned over time is that you do have to listen to what your doctor says but you need to read up on the conditions of the person that you're taking care of. This last year I have been taking care of an older diabetic person. The person has a mild cognitive disorder and bad kidneys and diabetes 2. By reading up on person's condition, it also makes what the doctor says more sense it allows you to know when to call the doctor and when not to also allows you to set up protocols that I make sense to you also it helps you understand what is going on

The problem with the Internet is that many articles just do not make sense or there too academic. Even worse they come and go. I have found several websites that made it easier to explain to my friends the situation that I'm going through however over time they disappear. One was called: My Aging Parents.

Many blog sites will cut and paste different websites. I wish I could since the information was helpful to me. I believe it would be helpful for others.

However, in the United States, we have to deal with Copyright our laws. Even under the theory of fair use, I have already learned the hard way about justice sometimes is a matter of how has a better lawyer. When I say that, I do not claim victimhood.

My recommendation is that you decide on a notebook such as OneNote and copy and paste the information so that it will always be there and is available to you. I am choosing OneNote because when push comes to shove when it counts, I turn to Microsoft Office. I do use other Office Suites such as Google Docs, just that Microsoft Office is a lot less frustrating.

I hope that over the year, I can synthesize the information that I find so it can be available to me and hopefully useful to you.


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