Honda Auxiliary Outboard

Purchased a Honda BF2.3 outboard motor today. This outboard is about 1.5 months too early. However, it had to be purchased to get the serial number for my boat loan. I personally find this extremely amusing since the sailboat will not be molded for another two weeks. I currently have a custom trailer that is currently located in Rhode Island. I now have an auxiliary outboard motor without a boat in my garage.

Still, I feel that it is starting to come together.

Honda BF2.3 Outboard

Boat Loan Final Steps

The loan for my j70 sailboat is approved. The loan that I am getting is way more than what I wanted. The issue being that since I am getting a construction loan, the loan has to be over $50,000.

I needed to provide the obvious documents such as driver’s license, signed the invoice, HIN (Hull Identification Number) and the Trailer’s VIN number. I also needed a second form of ID. I ended using my college staff ID.

I had to plan where to keep the boat. The loan company needed an address of where it would be stored.

While buying the boat, you would think that there would be a reasonable order. You buy the boat first, then get the accessories later. What is holding me up is that I need to buy the Honda BF2.3 outboard motor.

The reason is that the motor is listed on the loan. No serial number, no loan. Simple as that.

I think, all that is left to do, for the loan, is purchase the auxiliary outboard motor, provide the insurance binder and then pay the closing fees.

No X after Arch Linux upgrade to Kernal 4.5 in Virtualbox

I am a big Arch Linux fan. I would not use it for production IT, but for personal use. I have Arch Linux in a VirtualBox VM on my Windows 10 Desktop. ArchLinux will not start in X after you upgrade from Kernal 4.4 to 4.5. Arch Linux just hangs.

Until it is fixed, this is a good workaround provided by lyndon [1] :

Edit /etc/default/grub and append


to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT variable so mine now looks like this:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet iomem=relaxed"

Then I ran:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

This definitely works

Boat Loan Redux

I am making a second attempt on a boat loan. Looks like I can get a loan on everything minus the freight to get my j70 from Rhode Island to California. This time, around I am using a marine finance company.

J70s are custom boats. Normal banks like to “kick the tires” first before they give you a loan. I am currently working with Seacoast. The mortgage broker actually knows what she is doing. It is pleasant after being lead around for a month by the other bank.

Last time, the application process was basically signed your name, let them do a FICO check. This time, the application was more like refinancing your home. I had to provide a lot of documentation: W2, last 2 years of taxes, copy of bank statements. The banks are not taking chances with me.

Ordered trailer for j70 today

I ordered the trailer for my j70 today. Looks like I have a trailer without a boat.

Got a call this morning that the trailer maker needed their money today. The Trailer is $3,000 before the extras. Plus, California expects this type of trailer to have brakes ($600) and wants their pound of flesh (sales tax). It all adds up.

Why do I need a trailer before the fiberglass even molded? First, it needs to be built, second, the trailer is shipped to the manufacturer. The boat builder will put my shiny new j70 on the trailer before the boat is shipped across the country sometime early June.

Lost Boat Loan

Well, this just blows. Got a call from the bank that I thought I had a loan from. Three weeks later, I found out they will not do a boat loan without the physical boat in possession. The issue with j70s is that they are made to order. I am not sure if it is the case, but the perception that I have is that the bank just did a bait and switch with me. What the loan officer offered was a home equity loan 3.69%. With the Bush/Obama economy, why would I want to secure a boat with real estate?

My choice in the bank originally for the boat loan was based on the premise that I wanted to drive down to the bank and talk to someone. There is value in being able to talk to someone face to face.

My quest for a j70 still continues. Just that I will restart researching other lenders.

Time to start shopping around.

Update: Actually learn something later. What I am asking for is what is called a construction loan. Most banks do not do construction loans. I wished that someone had explained that to me three weeks ago. Essentially, what this means is that I have to front the money till the boat is built then get the loan. What a pain.