Happy B-Day to me 2018

Today's my double nickel. I saw this quote the other day on Pinterest. A little course, crude. Did not need the f-bomb to get the point across. However, I like it. I might be getting older, does not make me over the hill. A birthday poem for me...

Act my age?

What the fuck is that, “act my age?”

What do I care how old I am?

The Ocean is old as fuck. It will still drown your ass with vigor.

King Stimie

Time and Gravity

Last year a neighbor caught me finishing running. He asked me why. My answer was health, the need to be active, plus I have some physical bucket lists: 5k, triathlon, sailing, etc. His answer was time and gravity as in the fight against it. I like the phrase. Going to be my new category for personal health going forward.

Love Them Both

One of a the better quotes that I come accross:

"We must love them both, those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject, for both have labored in the search for truth, and both have helped us in finding it." [1]

Thomas Aquinas

This quote belongs with this post:

Let us practice many acts of kindness and gentle clarity toward those we like the least.

—St. Frances de Sales

Sunday Sail with Dolphins

I went sailing with a friend. It was supposed to be just a mellow hour or two of sailing then pull my J/70 out of the water. Instead, we ended up sailing with a pod of dolphins. We did get caught in 25-mile gusts and large swells without enough weight. We had to furl the jib to get inshore. That short sail turned into a four-hour adventure.

My Suricata pfsense suppress list

I just moved from Snort to Suricata. The reason for my move is because Snort would die on rules update ever so often on my PfSense firewall. I am not sure of the cause, but I was getting concerned about a false sense of security.

I am no stating that Suricata is better than Snort. Just in my situation, I needed to try something different.

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Using Banner as a auth store for Portalgard

One of the biggest questions question with PortalGuard is what to use for the authentication store. Easiest for me would have been either the Luminis OpenDJ or Microsoft Active Directory. One of the things to consider is the flow. At the college that I work at, Banner is considered the gold standard. What this means is that if there is any conflict, Banner wins.

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Great Men and Cats

A friend sent this to me in a text message. Put a smile on my face. If this is a metric to judge me by, I am both a real and a great man.


Fire Flare Up

I was at Gelson’s market when this flare-up happened. It is a lot more spectacular than what the picture gives it credit. I was talking to some of the employees outside looking at it. In my mind, Santa Barbara was just one bad wind away from burning down. The irony of the situation was that I had looked at the evacuation notices. Across the street, get ready to evacuate. A hundred feet away, where I was standing, I was safe. Computer logic at its best.